In addition to efficiency, the purchase of Stromectol in online pharmacies has another significant plus – availability. The prices for Ivermectin in these pharmacies are noticeably lower than in local ones. In addition, here, you can buy Stromectol (Ivermectin) that are difficult to find in retail.

Penha pharmacy
Address: Estr. da Penha nº 52, 8005-135 Faro, Portugal | Phone: +351 289 822 342 | Website:

I love Penha pharmacy! Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about prescriptions, but they are always friendly and willing to help. Refilling my prescriptions is quick and easy, thanks to their app! Jackson Pharmacy really is Jacksonville’s friendliest pharmacy!

Nice and clean environment. Unfortunately, the customer experience was horrible. My five-year-old needed to use the restroom, so I approached an employee at the front desk. Asked if they had the key to the restroom and she turned to what seemed to be a manager – JOSEPH. An older, white male looked at my daughter and me. He took a pause and then said, “We’re currently under construction.” Felt very discriminated and he just continued working. I understand Covid-19 could be a reason for him saying no, but we’re wearing masks and are very safe. We have no intention of coming in again, especially with Joseph showing no compassion for a 5-year-old. Do not shop here. Pharmacy use only if needed.

Farmácia Silveira Algarve
Address: Mar Shopping Algarve, loja 13-B, Avenida Algarve, 3, 8135-014 Almancil, Portugal | Phone: +351 289 391 323 | Website:

BEST pharmacy around!!! They are very knowledgeable and kind! They go the extra mile to assure that you know everything about what you are taking and never make you feel rushed. If you live in the area, I highly recommend this be your pharmacy! The ice cream is awesome too.

The pharmacists here were awesome. They were friendly, engaged, and very knowledgeable. I had no idea that Farmácia Silveira Algarve offered free Stromectol (Ivermectin) for some prescriptions. This is such a great service to the community. Pay them back by shopping here as well as filling prescriptions.

Pharmacie Silva
Address: R. 25 de Abril 9, 8600-763 Lagos, Portugal | Phone: +351 282 762 859 | Website:

Today I stopped at Pharmacie Silva to get a prescription that was to be called in. Samantha couldn’t find the prescription and went over and above to get it filled. She made numerous calls to the doctor’s office and finally had them give it to her over the phone. This is great service. Thank you.

This used to be my favorite pharmacy. The Customer Service was good, and my prescriptions were filled in a timely manner and without issue. Now, they are just too busy and overwhelmed. I was on hold for 17 minutes the last time I called. They answered the phone as I entered the parking lot. It takes days to have RX’s filled. The “ready” time from the app is useless. The app is frequently inaccessible due to Server issues. My doctor’s office has had to call 3 times to get an asthma inhaler filled over the last couple of weeks. While I’m sure COVID is an issue, we’ve had over a year to adapt business services.

Farmácia Assunção
Address: R. Julio Dinis 13B, 8005-255 Faro, Portugal | Phone: +351 289 817 485 | Website:

I find this pharmacy to have the best Stromectol prices overall in town. These people are caring and always try to help the best they can. If a prescription is not covered by my insurance, they will try to help me find a coupon to cover some of the cost. Much better than Walgreens.

Farmácia Assunção is either understaffed or too slow. Even if your Dr calls it in the day before, they still don’t have it ready. I have to call to ask them to get my scripts filled, or I’m waiting for at least 45 minutes. The only time it goes quicker is at closing time. I’ll have to switch my pharmacy. Drive-thru isn’t any faster.

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Paseo en Barco Pirata o Leãozinho - 22€

Paseo por la costa de Algarve saliendo desde Albufeira, a bordo de un barco pirata. Admira las formaciones rocosas y las hermosas playas por la tarde.

Excursión Costa Algarve

Crucero con cuevas, grutas y avistamiento de delfines en Algarve - 35€

Embárcate en una excursión memorable para toda la familia. Este viaje combina una visita a las cuevas del Algarve, incluyendo la famosa Cueva de Benagil, y una expedición de avistamiento de delfines, dos de las mejores actividades en esta región portuguesa.

Delfines Algarve

Cueva de Benagil, grutas y delfines en Algarve - 35€

Paseo en bote por la costa de Algarve, saliendo desde Albufeira en lancha. Conoce las grutas y cuevas de la región desde cerca para luego probar suerte buscando delfines.

Barco Ponta Da Piedade

Paseo en barco por Ponta da Piedade desde Lagos - 20€

Recorrido en barco tradicional por las cuevas y formaciones rocosas de Ponta da Piedade y la costa del Algarve.

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