Online pharmacies offer a wide range of Modafinil pills at reasonable prices and a high level of service. They provide more than 1000 medicines and medical products, which they receive directly from manufacturers.

Farmácia Ribeiro Lopes
Address: R. Garrett 22, 8600-740 Lagos, Portugal | Phone: +351 282 762 830 | Website:

I have been going to Farmácia Ribeiro Lopes in Jacksonville for the past 8 years, over I do get great service. The ladies in the front are great, and I recently started a new Pharmacist named Chandler. He is outstanding. Thank you for the wonderful service. As long as I can, I want to be a loyal customer.

Absolutely the WORST PHARMACY I have ever been to. Every time I needed a refill for my Modafinil meds, they would ignore the script my doctor sent over. This time, they straight up REFUSED to fill it because I’m trying to switch pharmacies and have picked up other medications at other pharmacies??? My Provigil meds are schedule 1, and I have NEVER picked them up at another pharmacy. I’ve picked up my other meds at another pharmacy because they were from a different doctor. But they still refused to fill my medicine. Now I’m out of the NARCOLEPSY MEDICATIONS that prevent me from falling asleep at work, behind the wheel, etc…SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE!! DO NOT GO TO THIS PHARMACY.

Farmácia Neves
Address: R. dos Ferreiros 3 5, 8600-727 Lagos, Portugal | Phone: +351 924 355 311 | Website:

I love family wellness! They’re also accommodating, and the delivery option is a plus! Dolores is super awesome !! During the pandemic, when I needed something faxed, she had no issues faxing something for me! I highly recommend this place! I would never go back to Walgreens!

I have been getting covid tests here throughout the pandemic and can’t recommend Farmácia Neves enough! Great place for a quick and painless Covid-19 test! Results in 1-2 days! Allen is a nice pro swabber, and everyone is super friendly! Wonderful family-owned business!! 10/10!

Farmácia Lacobrigense
Address: R. Prof. Joaquim Alberto Taquelim Lote 8 loja e, 8600-762 Lagos, Portugal | Phone: +351 282 762 901 | Website:

I needed assistance figuring out the prices of Modafinil prescriptions because my insurance didn’t cover much for the one prescribed. The pharmacy staff this afternoon couldn’t have been nicer. It may seem like a small thing, but good customer service goes a long way with me.

3-hour wait for 1 prescription that I have filled at Farmácia Lacobrigense for the last 2 years. Then when I came back to pick up, there was one employee on personal call I waited for her to complete while I was stranded in line. Then she had to talk to the other employees about the personal call and the contents before they finally asked me if I needed help. Once I was at the counter, I was told that they still had not processed my prescription. I waited while they did it for about five minutes which I could have probably done the first time I was there. Probably will not come back again. Once I pointed out the customer service issue, I was basically blown off. Whatever happened to customer service?

Farmácia Almeida
Address: Estr. da Sra. da Saude 39, 8000-147 Faro, Portugal | Phone: +351 289 822 437 | Website:

The staff is amazing!!! They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and will spend as much time with you as you need. If they don’t carry something, no problem for them… they will have it for you by the next day!!! They always go out of their way for their customers!!!

Nearly every single time I’ve attempted to fill a prescription at Farmácia Almeida, they don’t have it. I just tried again today, and they told me that I’d have to wait a full week until it was back in stock. Once or twice or five times, I can forgive – but this is a regular occurrence at this location. I will not be going to this store again.

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Paseo en Barco Pirata o Leãozinho - 22€

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Excursión Costa Algarve

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Delfines Algarve

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